Definition of visiting nurse in US English:

visiting nurse


  • A nurse who visits and treats patients in their homes, operating as part of a social service agency.

    • ‘At first, the patient was hesitant about taking insulin, but after a careful explanation of the necessity for insulin, she agreed to try with the help from a visiting nurse.’
    • ‘During that week, a woman may have a visiting nurse if necessary to help with dressings.’
    • ‘People with chronic disorders of all ages (immunosuppression or diabetes) and their close contacts (healthcare workers, visiting nurses, home helps) need to be vaccinated yearly.’
    • ‘A visiting nurse administered the antibiotic and the patients were visited daily by a primary care physician.’
    • ‘She set about to allay fears and concerns about visiting nurses, and gradually, attitudes began to change.’
    • ‘This would include an increase in professional home visiting nurses and community health nurses so that mothers would have direct health care and support for at least the first full year of the baby's life.’
    • ‘The role of the visiting nurse was a vital necessity at the time and provided much appreciated employment for young nurses at the turn of the century.’
    • ‘Communities should establish heat shelters, and visiting nurses should encourage vulnerable patients to take refuge in them during dangerously warm periods.’
    • ‘A visiting nurse will be contacted if you have chosen to have them see you at home.’
    • ‘Meals-on-Wheels and home visiting nurses improve the outcome for those without able-bodied partners.’
    • ‘Chadwick's Funeral Home could not pick up her body until the visiting nurse confirmed her death, and the duty nurse was out of beeper range.’
    • ‘The visiting nurse is the basis of at-home wound care, and, in many studies, close supervision by a visiting nurse improves the rate of limb salvage as much as 40%.26’
    • ‘They didn't have visiting nurse services in those days, they just had good neighbors.’
    • ‘After education, electrotherapy was applied daily at home by the patient, caregiver, or visiting nurse.’
    • ‘Consultation with a visiting nurse, or a visit from a physical or occupational therapist may be very helpful for any mid-stage Huntington's disease patient being cared for in the home.’
    • ‘Internists managed blood glucose levels of subjects with diabetes and visiting nurses provided diabetic teaching.’
    • ‘She returned to Philadelphia and, after her recovery, became a visiting nurse.’
    • ‘Prospective payment is a flat rate paid by Medicare for visiting nurse services for a 3-month period.’
    • ‘Closer follow-up by visiting nurses or other care providers can then be instituted.’
    • ‘Breastfeeding support can also be provided through a visiting nurse service.’


visiting nurse

/ˈdistrikt nərs/