Definition of visiting card in US English:

visiting card


  • A card bearing a person's name and address, sent or left in lieu of a formal social or business visit.

    Also called calling card
    • ‘Lovingly called ‘Pappay bhai’ by cricketers, Sohail even has a visiting card that claims he can treat sports injuries and back, neck and joint pains.’
    • ‘We had made visiting cards for ourselves though, using sketch pens on the backsides of our respective fathers' visiting cards that we purloined.’
    • ‘While enjoying the attention, the girls appeared quite at ease, signing autographs on visiting cards and on paper napkins and giving away free passes for Saturday's do at the Treasure Island.’
    • ‘As a surprise, Ramya announced a gift through lucky dip, for all those who had dropped their visiting cards into the glass bowl at the entrance.’
    • ‘And, if tourists come as thick and fast as those visiting cards, Kerala tourism industry will be laughing all the way to the bank.’
    • ‘In busy ‘Namma Bengalooru’, with so many people to meet and interact with, thousands of visiting cards are printed, and thousands of old ones and those no longer used are dumped.’
    • ‘But in the library hall of the College of Fine Arts, one gets to see visiting cards, calendars and letter-heads with messages of death and pictures of coffins.’
    • ‘I found a visiting card belonging to Angela, a woman who worked in the Geneva office of the organization I had quit 20 days previously in Kabul.’
    • ‘Medical professionals must treat visiting card holders as if they were insured in the host country but are not required to offer non-urgent treatment that can wait until the patient returns home.’
    • ‘Mr Garg said he was given a visiting card of a life insurance company but when he checked up with the company, it informed that there was no agent by the name mentioned on the visiting card.’
    • ‘Five years ago, visiting cards of even eminent doctors did not contain an email address.’
    • ‘When my mother called on anyone she would leave one of her own visiting cards and two of her husband's, as was the custom.’
    • ‘From that day onwards, I have always kept that old visiting card in my wallet.’
    • ‘A fast learner, Mira has decided to take along her own visiting card.’
    • ‘He signs on caps, bats, and autograph books and even on receipts, passport sized photos and visiting cards.’
    • ‘Only once when she heard a servant outside the door whisper: ‘For her ladyship,’ she asked what it was, and a silver salver was brought to her covered with visiting cards.’
    • ‘And if you are a stringer, you are not paid for your labours though nobody stops you from printing a visiting card claiming correspondent status, and lording it around.’
    • ‘Proffering a square pink visiting card made of handmade paper, he says, ‘This is designed according to feng shui.’’
    • ‘Wilde decided to prosecute Queensberry for criminal libel after discovering the visiting card on February 28, 1895.’
    • ‘The French name derives from the common use of these photographs as visiting cards.’
    identification, id, credentials, papers
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visiting card

/ˈvɪzɪdɪŋ ˌkɑrd//ˈvizidiNG ˌkärd/