Definition of viscometrically in US English:



  • See viscometer

    • ‘ß-Glucan endohydrolase activity was measured viscometrically at 40°C, using water-soluble barley ß-glucan as substrate.’
    • ‘This water-soluble O carboxymethyl ether of pachyman is a useful substrate for assay of beta-D-glucan endo-hydrolases either reductometrically or viscometrically.’
    • ‘The degree of polymerisation was determined viscometrically, while diffuse reflectance FTIR was used to gain insight into the changes in the chemical composition.’
    • ‘A quantitative study to follow the time course of lipoplex maturation will be possible viscometrically using Eqs. 5 and 6.’
    • ‘Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene has a viscometrically determined average molecular weight of about one million or more and its excellencies in impact strength and wear resistance are well-known in the industry.’