Definition of viscerotropic in US English:



  • (of a microorganism) tending to attack or affect the viscera.

    • ‘Most recently, a fatal case of viscerotropic disease with fulminant hepatic failure temporally associated with yellow fever vaccine was reported from Colombia.’
    • ‘In the reports of viscerotropic disease, 14% have a history of thymus disease with subsequent thymectomy.’
    • ‘Isolates that cause the respiratory-nervous syndrome, even those that are highly pathogenic, usually produce few or no distinct gross lesions; however, isolates that cause viscerotropic syndrome often do.’
    • ‘In birds surviving infection with the velogenic viscerotropic strain for two to three weeks, affected birds may exhibit muscle tremors, torticollis, paralysis of the legs and wings and opisthotonos prior to death.’
    • ‘These same viscerotropic viruses may cause typical signs and lesions of VVND when inoculated into chickens.’