Definition of virtuosity in English:



  • Great skill in music or another artistic pursuit.

    ‘a performance of considerable virtuosity’
    • ‘The virtuosity of the three artists on their instruments created a universe of sound that captivated the audience.’
    • ‘For him economic pragmatism, not artistic virtuosity, was the key to racial uplift.’
    • ‘I like smart writers who have tons of skill, imagination, and formal virtuosity.’
    • ‘Today, though, that allegorical meaning is lost on us, and what we see rather is a dazzling display of artistic virtuosity.’
    • ‘This sixteen member string orchestra plays with silky elegance and brilliant virtuosity.’
    skill, skilfulness, mastery, expertise, expertness, prowess, proficiency, ability, aptitude, adroitness, dexterity, deftness, excellence, brilliance, talent, genius, artistry, technique, art, creativity, flair, finish, polish, panache, finesse, wizardry, calibre, quality, professionalism
    craftsmanship, handiness, workmanship, musicianship
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