Definition of virtualize in English:



  • 1Convert (something) to a computer-generated simulation of reality.

    ‘traditional universities have begun to virtualize parts of their curricula’
    • ‘For some time to come, there's going to be a tension between virtualized hardware and old-style applications.’
    • ‘But all of those server makers along with major storage and networking players also want to virtualize data centers on their own via various software and hardware products.’
    • ‘To create a true virtualized infrastructure, organizations must consider both resource virtualization and application virtualization.’
    • ‘Solutions that sell themselves as such require enormous faith from customers who are required to virtualize their entire data systems.’
    • ‘One of the most interesting applications for Platform Intelligence may be related to ‘on demand’ computing where resources are virtualized, and users are charged based on resource usage.’
    1. 1.1 Create a virtual version of (a computing resource or facility)
      • ‘Host servers can only see and virtualize the storage devices in sight and under its control.’
      • ‘Application software provides the data management policies that control when records are migrated from the RAID to tape, while virtualizing the combined capacity to represent a large, single file system.’
      • ‘It is important to realize that the virtualized Windows XP system needs to be secured independent of the Windows 7 system.’
      • ‘If your products are going to be virtualized, it's better if you're doing the virtualizing rather than a competitor.’
      • ‘Also called storage subsystem virtualization, array-based brands virtualize single arrays or multiple networked arrays by the same manufacturer.’
      • ‘A topic that has generated a deeply divided debate for more than a year involves the concept of virtualized malware.’
      • ‘In May, start-up FalconStor Software Inc reworked its virtualization software to allow users to access replication functions without actually virtualizing their data.’
      • ‘By virtualizing all these different parts, in effect we placed a shield over the underlying complexity.’
      • ‘The library should virtualize itself from the ISV application.’
      • ‘Not every company needs to virtualize their disks.’
      • ‘Hi all, Checkout this Best Practice guide on how to virtualize services using Oracle ESB..’
      • ‘There are a number of basic requirements to successfully virtualizing computing power in the data center.’
      • ‘It would probably involve providing an integrated system - servers, PCs and, yes, software - for virtualizing the client desktop, enabling the centralization and automation of most traditional maintenance activities.’
      • ‘Like the early days of the PC, we're working to virtualize and automate all the different parts underneath.’
      • ‘With Fedora 7 it's so easy to use KVM virtualization that you can start virtualizing your favorite operating system and barely even touch the keyboard!’
      • ‘Virtual PC lets you create separate virtual machines on your Windows desktop, each of which virtualizes the hardware of a complete physical computer.’
      • ‘Solutions that sell themselves as such require enormous faith from customers who are required to virtualize their entire data systems.’
      • ‘Sun aims Java, which virtualizes the application environment, to application developers.’
      • ‘Java has always been a great language for writing big apps that can be virtualized across a bunch of processors or machines.’
      • ‘It is also much simpler and cleaner to design and implement back and disaster recovery solutions when the data storage is virtualised, said Owens.’