Definition of virtual office in US English:

virtual office


  • The operational domain of any business or organization whose workforce includes a significant proportion of workers using technology to perform their work at home.

    • ‘Presentation topics ranged from instant messaging systems, decision making in the virtual office, identity theft, to educational uses of personal data assistants, Web education and cyberterrorism.’
    • ‘Intel has designed three models: one for the ‘on the go ‘road warrior, another for the virtual office, and a third for the digital home.’’
    • ‘In fact, most nights after Gaither has settled into his hotel room, he and his colleagues get together in their virtual office.’
    • ‘Putting the problems with your physical work space to one side, what about your virtual work space, your virtual office?’
    • ‘For more than a decade, people have been talking about virtual offices and saying we're all going to telecommute.’
    • ‘One solution we are seeing is to set up virtual offices or PO boxes as close as possible to the center of whatever city - actually, zip code - the business is targeting.’
    • ‘As Indonesia is on the road to economic recovery - despite the never-ending political turmoil - Jakarta is home to a growing number of virtual office operators.’
    • ‘Small businesses handily beat the giants in creating virtual offices, which should allow them to grow without sacrificing flexibility and speed.’
    • ‘Using this virtual office, IBM employees have the flexibility to work whenever and wherever it makes sense.’
    • ‘The use of virtual office hours, or other instructor communication, is particularly important for nontraditional students since they take courses via videotaped lecture presentations supplemented by live case presentations.’
    • ‘Office workers are now road warriors based in a virtual office that is merely a mobile node in a telecoms network.’
    • ‘Being a small operation at the moment, the virtual office is great for us.’
    • ‘These electronic tools bring information and decision-makers, both staff and volunteers, together in one location at one time, creating the campaign's virtual office.’
    • ‘The virtual classroom seems to be taking over much more than the virtual office ever did in the early '90s. Say goodbye to passing notes and sticking gum under the seat.’
    • ‘In addition, you can now have a virtual office saving you the cost of rent and utilities, and helping you to skim superfluous expenses.’
    • ‘At times they've been almost a virtual office of ours.’
    • ‘The company originally operated out of a virtual office and continues to conduct business largely online.’
    • ‘Launched in 1994, the virtual office was officially killed in 1998, but had been dead long before that.’
    • ‘Traditional organizational arrangements in which members spend most of their time in their offices are changing with such business trends as telecommuting and virtual offices.’
    • ‘One example is the adoption of virtual office strategies.’