Definition of Virginia stock in US English:

Virginia stock


  • A low-growing, sweetly scented plant with white, pink, or lilac flowers, native to the Mediterranean and cultivated elsewhere.

    Malcolmia maritima, family Brassicaceae

    • ‘Try Virginian stocks, and lavatera, and sunflowers, which all give a really pretty display of flowers.’
    • ‘These cheerful plants do equally well in window boxes or garden pots and can be combined with spring seedlings such as pansies, violas, alyssum, Virginian stocks or lobelias.’
    • ‘Low growing annuals such as pansy. violas. alyssum and dwarf Virginian stock are a beautiful accompaniment to bulbs and practical as well.’
    • ‘The name gillyflower is also used for the Virginia stock, the wallflower, and for the carnation of the pink family.’
    • ‘To make the most of your two weeks of daffodil colour in spring, consider planting daffodils with low growing annuals such as pansies, Virginian stocks, blue forget-me-nots or fairy primrose.’