Definition of viral load in US English:

viral load


  • A measurement of the amount of a virus in an organism, typically in the bloodstream, usually stated in virus particles per milliliter.

    • ‘The viral load measure can read as high as a million, depending on the limits of the lab test.’
    • ‘Instead of showing lower viral loads, the immune systems of introverted subjects replicated the virus between 10 to 100 times as fast as in other patients.’
    • ‘Such undertreatment is of particular concern in children - the main source for the dissemination of influenza within the community, since they usually have higher viral loads than adults and excrete infectious virus for longer periods.’
    • ‘The viral load or the amount of nucleic acid present can be tracked over time using a graphical patient report.’
    • ‘The outcome measures were CD4 + T cell counts, and viral load of the HIV virus in blood.’