Definition of violaceous in US English:



  • 1technical Of a violet color.

    ‘the fruiting body is pink or violaceous’
    • ‘The skin lesions appeared as weeping, nonhealing ulcers, erythematous macules, or violaceous nodules.’
    • ‘Papules of sarcoidosis may be of various colors, including red, reddish-brown, violaceous, translucent, or hyperpigmented.’
    • ‘The external examination was remarkable for violaceous discoloration and thickening of the skin of the left lower abdomen, left flank, labia, and proximal extremities.’
    • ‘Gottron's papules, violaceous papules overlying the dorsal interphalangeal or metacarpophalangeal areas, elbow or knee joints, occur in approximately 70 percent of patients with dermatomyositis.’
    • ‘Occurring suddenly and spontaneously without bleeding, their color ranges from bright red to violaceous.’
    • ‘Her nails were long and painted the same violet as her lips, seeming to be just as sharp as her teeth, her hair the same violaceous hue, standing up in 6 inch spikes from the top of her head in a faux Mohawk.’
    • ‘The classic appearance of skin lesions includes violaceous polygonal flat-topped papules and plaques.’
    • ‘The physical examination revealed a 42 mm erythematous and violaceous, irregularly bordered plaque with intermittent atrophy, hypopigmentation, and scarring.’
    • ‘A 40-year-old man presented with a violaceous-rimmed ulceration on his inner thigh.’
    • ‘Physical examination was positive for edema in the lower extremities and multiple violaceous cutaneous ulcers surrounded by tender brawny erythema.’
    • ‘Lichen planus is characterized by flat-topped, polygonal, violaceous papules, which are much smaller than the confluent papulonodular lesions seen in severe atopic dermatitis.’
    • ‘Lividity is distributed dorsally, is the usual violaceous color, and blanches with light pressure.’
    • ‘It lived up to its reputation with violaceous trogon, cinnamon and other woodpeckers, woodcreepers, antwrens, antbirds, antshrikes, purple-throated fruit-crows, wrens and flycatchers.’
    • ‘Osler's nodes are painful, swollen, violaceous subcutaneous nodules occurring mainly in the pulp of the fingers and toes.’
    • ‘Newly formed edge epithelium, often violaceous in color (termed the edge effect), indicates stimulated healing.’
    • ‘Ashy dermatosis is a chronic condition characterized by asymptomatic, slate-gray or violaceous hyperpigmented macules distributed most commonly over the trunk and proximal extremities, and less frequently over the face and neck.’
    • ‘Grossly, the surface of the lungs may show flat to slightly raised disk-shaped red to violaceous plaques confined to the visceral pleura.’
    • ‘An inflammatory dermatosis of unknown etiology, lichen planus classically presents as shiny, violaceous, flat-topped, polygonal papules, 2 mm to 10 mm in diameter.’
    • ‘Some areas may coalesce to form tender, raised, violaceous dermis.’
    • ‘This also may reflect the fact that bronchoscopic visualization of typical violaceous endobronchial lesions in patients with cutaneous Kaposi's sarcoma is usually considered diagnostic of intrathoracic Kaposi's sarcoma.’
  • 2Botany
    Relating to or denoting plants of the violet family (Violaceae).

    • ‘The gleba is violaceous brown, marbled with numerous veins of two kinds.’


Mid 17th century: from Latin violaceus (from viola ‘violet’) + -ous.