Definition of vinyl chloride in US English:

vinyl chloride


  • A colorless toxic gas used in the production of polyvinyl chloride and other commercially important polymers.

    Chemical formula: CH₂CHCl

    • ‘These are usually based on copolymers of vinyl acetate with vinyl chloride, acrylic or methacrylic esters or styrene, produced by addition polymerisation.’
    • ‘Many non-smokers suffer from the diseases of active smoking, when they inhale toxic chemicals such as arsenic, benzene and vinyl chloride from second-hand smoke, he said.’
    • ‘Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta have isolated a soil bacterium that can break down vinyl chloride, a widespread toxic pollutant in soil and groundwater.’
    • ‘After polyvinyl chloride is produced, vinyl chloride gas is trapped in the finished product and can escape.’
    • ‘Polyvinyl chloride is a macromolecule that results from the free-radical polymerization of vinyl chloride.’