Definition of vino in English:



  • Wine, especially that which is cheap or of inferior quality.

    • ‘Two local hikers toast the panorama - tawny mountains, myriad vales and dells - with vino tinto.’
    • ‘There are svarene vino (mulled wine) and sausages to ward off the winter chill, as well as a mini zoo with ponies, sheep and goats, a gorgeous Christmas crib and a tree draped in a blaze of lights.’
    • ‘He shares a few vino tintos with an excitable Italian’
    • ‘In the late 1990s the country was producing an average of about 50 million l of vinos finos, 150 million l of very basic vinos comunes, and 80 million l of grape juice.’
    • ‘Outdoor cafes line two sides of the square where locals mingle with tourists to eat ice-creams and drink the robust local vinos rosso and bianco.’
    • ‘One lousy book, a couple of bottles of vino tinto, a pair of socks and a jar of pickled walnuts was the sum total of pressies under the tree for moi.’
    • ‘Naturally this kind of experience costs more than a package tour to Spain but the adventure will stay with you for far longer than memories of sandy beaches, paella and the local vino.’
    • ‘But if the mechanical system is inadequate, the shelving space inefficient, and the airflow poor, the vino will become vinegar and the client will turn bitter.’
    • ‘It may not have a lot of appeal over here, but in Verona it's the vino locale and seems to taste more pleasant in an Italian trattoria.’
    • ‘The rough red Italian vino was on the table for every meal and we drank it instead of water, not being too certain of the purity of the ship's drinking water.’
    • ‘The rest of us also had the cantuccini biscuits with the vino santo.’
    • ‘I order a carafe of vino rosso and a plate of bruschetta, careful to say ‘brusketta’ and not make the hard ‘ch’ into an indifferently sibilant shhhh.’
    • ‘Indignant, I knocked back several glasses of vino tinto until waves of relief and defiance came washing over me.’
    • ‘The shells were the size of big buttons and rested in a light vino verde sauce, flavored with bay leaves, mint, and a hint of cilantro.’
    • ‘Sardinia has been producing pretty good vino for some time, and they used to be true steals.’
    • ‘I cook myself a steak, prepare a salad, and relax with a few glasses of vino rosso.’
    • ‘At night, moving from one to the next, snacking and drinking cerveza, vino tinto and chilled Jerez Fino, becomes an impromptu, contented adventure.’
    • ‘When asked what we would like to drink Roberto requests vino rosso and a little something to eat.’
    • ‘We took an exhilarating bike ride through the Chianti region (between Florence and Siena), then stopped to sip the local vino.’
    • ‘You could be necking super-strength vino that could land you in trouble at the road side and not even know it.’


Spanish and Italian, wine.