Definition of vining in US English:



  • attributive (of a plant) growing as a vine with climbing or trailing woody stems.

    • ‘Today, these graceful vining plants are so ubiquitous that many people overlook them.’
    • ‘The vining types will need the support of a trellis or fence on which to climb.’
    • ‘When planting a tall container, consider vining plants, like ornamental sweet potato or setcresia.’
    • ‘Growing tomatoes or any vining plant this way really makes the best use of your garden space.’
    • ‘Build trellises of 1-by 1-inch wood posts - evenly spaced down the row and connected with string - for vining vegetables such as cucumbers and pole beans.’
    • ‘Bigroot morning glory (also called wild sweet potato) is a vining perennial that reproduces from seed and from roots.’
    • ‘Almost all vining crops will benefit from pruning - winter squash, pumpkins, melons, cucumbers and tomatoes.’
    • ‘In summer, twine strung between posts supports vining crops like pole beans.’
    • ‘Tall vining types, which bear over a long season if you keep picking them, need support: a trellis, wire or nylon mesh, or poles.’
    • ‘Try this with other vegetables, such as peas, cucumbers, pole beans or even vining flowers.’
    • ‘Because of their fixed habit, they are considerably less trouble to grow than vining or indeterminate tomatoes.’
    • ‘Not only does this create a sturdy and attractive structure for vining plants to climb up, but it also provides a cool and shady nook underneath in which children can nap, read, or hold tea parties.’
    • ‘It has a new border of vining tulips and daisies over stars.’
    • ‘Fortunately, where I am, I have been able to plant some in the ground, and wound vine-style through vining Jasminum nitidum, they disguise downspouts and are treating me to their scent now.’
    • ‘A local group of farmers lost their contract to grow vining peas, which are the sort we eat with our meals.’
    • ‘Do you want bushes, trees, climbers, vining or do you want them to grow into a hedge?’
    • ‘Both bush and vining tomatoes should be trellised, but each kind requires a different kind of support.’
    • ‘At planting time, set trellises, tepees, or wire cages in containers to provide support for vining crops - pole beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes.’
    trailing, creeping, straggling, prostrate
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  • The separation of leguminous crops from their vines and pods.