Definition of vindictively in US English:



  • See vindictive

    • ‘Her face visibly hardened and she looked at her sister vindictively.’
    • ‘It hurts when you know that someone has set out to be vindictively destructive and to target your church.’
    • ‘Should military force subsequently be used excessively or vindictively in that country, this judgment could again be reversed.’
    • ‘But the greatest controversy concerns the character of the racist cop who pursues Carter vindictively, lying, cheating and forging a signature in an effort to frame him.’
    • ‘My own opinion is that I don't think her comment was meant vindictively, in the sense of being pre-meditated or politically strategic.’
    • ‘‘Serves him right, after what he put my Martha through,’ said Janice, vindictively.’
    • ‘The Captain's civilian lawyer has said the charges were vindictively added as part of an effort to cover up the military's mistake and initial overreaction.’
    • ‘‘Shut up,’ he growled, staring vindictively at his breakfast.’
    • ‘Our guardians of purity have magnified the pain of this family and willfully and vindictively punished them for the ‘crime’ of a biological imperfection.’
    • ‘Nathaniel smiled vindictively and made a motion with the gun.’
    • ‘She uses it rather vindictively, humiliating him, dressing him up in a woman's dress.’
    • ‘While the majority thought the Minister was right to have resigned, almost two thirds thought his lover had acted vindictively.’
    • ‘‘Your actions would indicate otherwise,’ Nethlin replied vindictively.’
    • ‘It was getting nasty, two big women were taking swings at each other while they vindictively screamed obscenities which, to my disappointment, were beeped out.’
    • ‘I raised my arms in the air in jubilation, and grinned vindictively at the student section, which again was silenced.’
    • ‘When Paula vindictively sets up a date for her mother with a kindly old dullard, the film resorts to caricature and grotesque camera effects to persuade us of how unseemly the older gent's needs and desires are.’
    • ‘He is praised grudgingly for being as good as he is: and he is blamed vindictively for not being even better.’
    • ‘Daniel crushed a stray piece of paper in his coat pocket vindictively.’
    • ‘The judge knew we had all these debts and yet he punitively and vindictively imposed these defence costs on us as well.’
    • ‘He said: ‘The judge punitively and vindictively imposed these defence costs.’’