Definition of village idiot in English:

village idiot


  • A person of very low intelligence resident and well known in a village.

    • ‘I become flushed and flustered and I start to mumble nonsensically like the village idiot.’
    • ‘He's smiling like the village idiot and about to burst laughing.’
    • ‘Jamie Packer does a convincing imitation of the village idiot.’
    • ‘There's Toby, the village idiot, and your other character -’
    • ‘If the village idiot shouts at the top of his lungs - ‘the Martians came and went - I saw it’, nobody would take note because it's the village idiot talking.’
    • ‘Is he what once would have been called the village idiot?’
    • ‘At first, they pick on a village idiot, with the mental age of a child, and when that doesn't work, pick on someone else and then someone else.’
    • ‘Evidence, of a sort, is provided by the village idiot and by a lady doctor who was consulted by Rebecca shortly before she died.’
    • ‘The sea nymph isn't real, but is actually the village idiot, dressed up in straw and blankets: 15 to 1’
    • ‘Feeling that he was in imminent danger of becoming the village idiot, Faulkner chose an unorthodox, and in hindsight catastrophic, escape route and started working the North Sea fishing trawlers at the age of 15.’
    • ‘The sense I have is that the life of the village idiot was probably less complicated than that of the holy fool.’
    • ‘He turns out to be the clown (almost the village idiot, frankly) of the evening.’
    • ‘He said: ‘He was the local village idiot, and he is supposed to have carried out the perfect murder?’’
    • ‘Someone, somewhere, must have fathomed that the collective IQ of the commercial channel's audience was marginally higher than that of the village idiot.’
    • ‘He should have summed up that situation better and realised he was dealing with a bloke who spoke with the authority of a village idiot.’
    • ‘The delicate fur is then sucked on to a perforated cone about three times the size of the finished product, pulled and soaked in hot water, leaving a rough, droopy cone which looks a little like something a giant village idiot might wear.’
    • ‘And if you stop and ask somebody for directions you either get the village idiot or somebody from out of town.’
    • ‘I remember it had a village green with a village idiot sitting there.’
    • ‘Even the deaf-mute village idiot, trailing through the desert with a giant catfish in his arms, comes to a happy ending.’
    • ‘She could have at least told me that I looked like a professional village idiot.’


village idiot

/ˈvilij ˈidēət/