Definition of vilification in English:



  • Abusively disparaging speech or writing.

    ‘the vilification of minority groupings’
    • ‘For this disinterested behaviour their reward has been a campaign of vilification and innuendo which has left both of them feeling angry and betrayed.’
    • ‘No exaggeration or vilification directed their way is too outrageous for consideration.’
    • ‘But on the face of it, the content of the books did not appear to constitute racial vilification or incitement to violence, he said.’
    • ‘This campaign of vilification has had two main sources.’
    • ‘He has faced public humiliation and vilification with the same equanimity that he received public acknowledgement and praise.’
    • ‘I have gone through financial ruin, personal vilification, the distress and dismay of my family.’
    condemnation, criticism, censure, castigation, denunciation, vituperation, abuse, flak, defamation, denigration, disparagement, obloquy, opprobrium, derogation, slander, revilement, reviling, calumny, calumniation, execration, excoriation, lambasting, upbraiding, a bad press, character assassination, attack, invective, libel, insults, aspersions
    mud-slinging, bad-mouthing, tongue-lashing
    stick, verbal, slagging off
    animadversion, objurgation
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