Definition of vigilantly in US English:



  • See vigilant

    • ‘Classicism holds sway even in this debate: it has been an ideological service worker vigilantly cleaning up, heroicizing and aestheticizing violences and hatreds.’
    • ‘We must vigilantly, he said, restrict and punish the authors of wicked books that ‘demean themselves as well as men’.’
    • ‘What's most curious is that the people who advocate abstinence in other countries are generally the same people who vigilantly refuse to allow discussion of the subject in the United States.’
    • ‘We will be patrolling the area more vigilantly just in case it wasn't a one-off.’
    • ‘In the former, it has largely been condemned and opposed by governments (though far less vigilantly than it should be).’
    • ‘All the medicines, warm clothes etc, should be vigilantly packed.’
    • ‘But those of us who disagree should vigilantly watch for, and resist, the ‘displacement of constitutional hegemony’ that the article welcomes.’