Definition of vigilance committee in US English:

vigilance committee


  • A body of vigilantes.

    • ‘When the vigilance committee threatened him with death, he retreated to a nearby settlement, Centerville, where the sheriff supplied his group with rifles, raising the specter of a clash of arms.’
    • ‘A vigilance committee hanged the three men accused of being the ringleaders, while the lives of the rest were spared.’
    • ‘Outside the judicial system, the Confederate military and civilian vigilance committees continued to threaten and attack people suspected of disloyalty.’
    • ‘This is precisely what occurred in Socorro, New Mexico during the 1880s, when an Anglo vigilance committee arose in opposition to the predominantly Mexican legal authorities.’
    • ‘Then there are misconceptions like members of vigilance committee being government employees and getting paid by us!’
    • ‘One juror had worked for the Union army, and another had protected civilians from vigilance committees and served as a Union scout.’
    • ‘The loyalty of schoolteachers was screened by local vigilance committees.’
    • ‘While attention was drawn to the cattlemen, the work of the urban vigilance committees continued unabated.’
    • ‘Setting up village vigilance committees in such areas is another suggestion.’
    • ‘But the vigilance committee inside me is prepared.’


vigilance committee

/ˈvijələns kəˈmidē/