Definition of VIFF in US English:


(also viff)


  • A technique used by a vertical takeoff aircraft to change direction abruptly by altering the direction of thrust of the aircraft's jet engines.


[no object]Aeronautics
  • (of a vertical takeoff aircraft) change direction by altering the thrust of the aircraft's jet engines.

    ‘the VSTOL Harrier with its ability to viff’
    • ‘Harrier pilots do use the nozzles in air combat but I don't think to the extent viffing requires.’
    • ‘The opening chords of ‘Rockaway Beach’ are my aroma of madeleines - viffing me back through rich strata of memory to some of the best moments of school and college.’
    • ‘I've been told viffing gave the Harrier an edge at low altitude engagements against our own aircraft and Soviet aircraft in past exercises.’
    • ‘Plaguewyrm 1 viffed to the right, underbelly thrusters bringing it in line to the Thunderbolt it was tailing.’
    • ‘We use viffing, but it's more of a last-ditch than a standard manoeuvre.’
    • ‘MiG will always win (in fact, the only thing the F-35 has in it's favour is viffing, but that's a dangerous tactic against a decent MiG pilot).’


1970s: acronym from vectoring in forward flight.