Definition of viewless in US English:



  • 1Not having or affording a pleasant sight or prospect.

    • ‘Costing less, but viewless and more like ordinary hotel rooms, are those in the modern wing.’
  • 2literary Unable to be seen; invisible.

    ‘the enormous viewless mantle of the night’
    • ‘This anti-visual rhetoric of interiority is prevalent in much Romantic writing, from Keats's longing to escape on ‘the viewless wings of poesy,’ to Coleridge and Wordsworth's denunciation of the ‘despotism of the eye.’’
    • ‘By dawn on Saturday, the fog had taken possession of the downtown streets: the coast road would be viewless.’
    • ‘To borrow Keats's words, humankind ascends on the ‘viewless wings of Poesy’ towards the Godhead (‘Ode to a Nightingale’ 33).’