Definition of viewfinder in US English:



  • A device on a camera showing the field of view of the lens, used in framing and focusing the picture.

    • ‘Most pocket cameras have a separate viewfinder: what you see is an approximation of what the lens is seeing.’
    • ‘This has no noticeable effect on the viewfinder, exposure metering or focusing systems.’
    • ‘The screen is not a simple rectangle but rather the homothetic surface of the viewfinder of his camera.’
    • ‘The first device the company is working on is a viewfinder for digital cameras.’
    • ‘It's a basic point and click rangefinder (separate viewfinder lens) camera from Boots.’
    • ‘The bright frame and spherical mirror are coated onto the lenses of a reverse-Galilean viewfinder.’
    • ‘The students were allowed to see through the camera viewfinder and one girl wanted to know how 3D films were made.’
    • ‘It is an optical device, somewhat like a viewfinder, which allows me to vary the focal length at will.’
    • ‘The majority have a zoom lens, an optical viewfinder and an LCD viewing screen.’
    • ‘Learning to see the battlefield through the viewfinder of a camera requires a special skill.’