Definition of Vienna Secession in US English:

Vienna Secession


    • ‘In 1897 Gustav Klimt founded with other artists the Vienna Secession and became its first president.’
    • ‘Frank points out that the goal of the Vienna Secession was to break ranks with tradition.’
    • ‘His painting The Kiss is a symbol of Vienna Secession.’
    • ‘The Vienna Secession was the younger artistic community's response to this dominant artistic movement.’
    • ‘The Vienna Secession was a seed of extremely radical, but also particularly coherent, thinking about art.’
    • ‘Another prominent representative of the Vienna Secession was the engraver and poet Oskar Kokoschka.’
    • ‘So in 1897, Gustav Klimt, Kolo Moser, Josef Hoffman and others formed the Vienna Secession.’