Definition of Vienna sausage in US English:

Vienna sausage


  • A small frankfurter made of pork, beef, or veal.

    • ‘Thursday, February 3: These Harvard Lampoon hacks want to stuff me into a thong as if I were a Vienna sausage in the tin.’
    • ‘Seth opened up the can of Vienna sausages and began stuffing his face.’
    • ‘Besides the aforementioned corned beef hash, other meat-like products that I did not put in my basket included Vienna sausages, off-brand chili and turkey SPAM.’
    • ‘In fact, as soon as we start getting add-in boards using NV40 and R420-based GPUs from the usual vendors, we'll bust open another can of Vienna sausages and have ourselves another test-fest.’
    • ‘I fed him Vienna sausages and disinfected him with surgical soap purloined from the hospital tent.’
    • ‘It couldn't have been easy all those years, fending off my pre-teen pleas for Vienna sausages (in a can, pale and slippery), Cheetos, Bubblicious bubble gum, and Hawaiian Punch.’
    • ‘I ate a dusty meal of Vienna sausages, cheese and crackers.’
    • ‘The next morning, we woke up with tremendous hangovers to a breakfast of Vienna sausages, salt-free borsht, and diet chocolate fudge soda.’
    • ‘Your pantry is never without Spam, Vienna sausage, corned beef, and sardines.’
    • ‘It grabbed an open can of Vienna sausages from their picnic in its beak and rose into a cloudless sky.’