Definition of videosurgery in US English:



  • A minimally invasive approach to surgery using from one to five small incisions through which specially designed instruments are inserted into the body. One of these is a tiny fiber-optic rod attached to a camera, enabling the surgeon to see what is happening inside the body on a television monitor.

    • ‘Of all videosurgeries in the United States today, removal of the gallbladder - or laparoscopic cholecystectomy - is among the most commonly performed.’
    • ‘Our system will cost just a fraction of the price of similar commercial products and should make videolaparoscopy, and videosurgery in general, more affordable.’
    • ‘The Service website will list dozens of projects that are already up and running, including a live videosurgery link to train doctors.’
    • ‘Techniques have been developed over the last few years where the bypass is carried out without stopping the heart (so called ‘beating heart’ bypasses) and sometimes using videosurgery where only a small opening is made in the thorax.’
    • ‘Clinical management, including medical and surgical exchanges, patient referrals, collaborative management of pathologies, telemedicine, videosurgery.’