Definition of videoscope in US English:



  • A fiber-optic rod attached to a camera that transmits images from within the body to a television monitor, used in diagnosis and surgery.

    • ‘A videoscope is inserted through the incision below the umbilicus allowing visualization of the intraabdominal organs and gallbladder.’
    • ‘Cystoscopy is not commonly performed but can detect bladder abnormalities by inserting a small fiberoptic videoscope into the bladder.’
    • ‘In this technique, the thorax is entered at multiple sites through small incisions using a videoscope to localize the lobe of interest.’
    • ‘The Olympus product is a videoscope with a miniaturized CCD chip at the distal tip, eliminating the need for fragile rod lenses.’
    • ‘Olympus provides products and services, including EndoEYE [TM] surgical videoscopes and EndoALPHA [TM] and CPP financing.’