Definition of videoconference in US English:



  • A conference in which participants in different locations are able to communicate with each other in sound and vision.

    • ‘The videotelephony subsystem enables audio and narrow-band videoconferences for alert duty crews at the C & C facility.’
    • ‘A company might use live videoconferences or videotaped presentations if this technology is already in place.’
    • ‘The data for the study includes interviews with members of the center, observations of videoconferences and meetings, and a center-wide sociometric survey.’
    • ‘The software allows users to take a phone conversation and turn it into a videoconference or web conference with multiple participants.’
    • ‘Online users will want the flexibility and freedom to ‘click’ from one service provider to deliver a videoconference, and a different provider for a net meeting.’
    • ‘There have been videoconferences, webcasts, satellite broadcasts and exchanges between scientists on a secure website.’
    • ‘To be held at the British Council in New Delhi from July 21 to 24, it will showcase 45 films of varying length over four days along with seminars and videoconferences.’
    • ‘The portal will house current and archived videoconferences that link high-school students with industry professionals.’
    • ‘Speakers, microphones, and television cameras allow live audio conferences, videoconferences, and group whiteboards to pass information at near simultaneous speeds.’
    • ‘This is the first time a national videoconference has been produced at Iowa State's new University Studios.’