Definition of video pill in US English:

video pill


  • A capsule containing a tiny camera that, when swallowed, transmits photographs of the stomach and intestines to a recording device.

    ‘video pills can be used to diagnose ulcers’
    Also called capsule endoscope
    • ‘Because it is new, the video pill is mostly used after conventional tests have failed.’
    • ‘Traditional endoscopy pinpointed the source of the bleeding in just 7 patients; with the video pill, doctors identified bleeding sites in 12 patients.’
    • ‘And what happens to that marvelous, miniature video pill once its fantastic voyage is completed?’
    • ‘According to the article the video pill is capable of demonstrating more abnormalities than standard small bowel imaging techniques.’
    • ‘The IVP 2 video pill provided with an HDRC ® image sensor with 768 x 496 pixels and wireless data transmission, external power supply and pivoting head was designed for the implementation in gastroenterology.’
    • ‘A study of 57 healthy people found the video pill can safely pass through the digestive tract.’
    • ‘High priority has been given to the video pills on the medical devices utilization based on the request for this type of information by the end users and the doctors.’
    • ‘He returned the recording belt to the doctor after wearing it for eight hours, and 60,000 recorded images of the digestive tract taken by the video pill were then analyzed on a computer.’