Definition of video display terminal in US English:

video display terminal

(also VDT)


  • A device for displaying input signals as characters on a screen, typically a monitor.

    • ‘It also did away with products far from its comfort zone, such as video display terminals.’
    • ‘This level of lighting is not necessary for occupant comfort, and it can even be detrimental in offices where workers read video display terminals all day.’
    • ‘You may be a casualty of modern technology - eye strain associated with video display terminals (VDTs).’
    • ‘Listeners could monitor their most recent response on a video display terminal, which was also mounted on the table in front of them, but they had no continuing visual record of their responses.’
    • ‘Sauter et al. reported that video display terminal operators sometimes experience higher levels of musculoskeletal complaints than clerical workers who do not use such equipment.’
    • ‘The commander's vehicle can track just about anything on the battlefield with its video display terminal, Rogers said.’