Definition of vide in US English:



  • with object, in imperative See; consult (used as an instruction in a text to refer the reader to a specified passage, book, author, etc., for fuller or further information)

    ‘vide the comments cited in Schlosser’
    • ‘Indeed, she was no mean composer herself, vide her full-length opera The Smugglers of Penzance.’
    • ‘Even the briefest of pauses can be killer - vide, when your wife or girlfriend asks, ‘Do I look fat in this dress?’’
    • ‘Up here on the 57th parallel, Nature is not without her surprises - - vide last blog, passim - - but she is, like certain other members of the household (well, all of us, really), inclined to be a slow starter.’
    • ‘But her fearful soul hasn't shut down: vide her visible delight in the pagan abandon with which her beautiful child solo-dances - to Alanis Morissette's ‘You Oughta Know’ - beside a corral full of startled emus.’
    • ‘The suprascapular artery was also found to be a very constant branch of the thyroid axis, there being only 4 exceptions, vide Group 4 variations.’


Latin, ‘see!’, imperative of videre.