Definition of victory sign in US English:

victory sign


  • A signal of triumph or celebration made by holding up the hand with the palm outward and the first two fingers spread apart to represent the letter V.

    • ‘They all make the victory sign, clutching rocks at the same time.’
    • ‘Hannah slipped her hand into the crook of Damian's elbow and did the victory sign with her fingers just next to her chin, and a girlish smile on her face.’
    • ‘Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat flashes the victory sign during a meeting at his headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah yesterday.’
    • ‘Pedestrians passing the union building greeted the chanting strikers with the victory sign though the police were quick to push the workers off the street and back into the building.’
    • ‘From the crowd, Sherry gave me a victory sign while Xerxes held onto a fainted Mac.’
    • ‘When he reached his van he leapt on to its roof, waving to fans, flashing a victory sign, blowing kisses and giving a small dance.’
    • ‘As a reply, Selene winked and held up her index and middle fingers, forming the victory sign, not caring if the princess understand the meaning or not.’
    • ‘Rob made a victory sign with his left paw, then concentrated on his guitar.’
    • ‘She stepped back, one hand on her hip, the other making a victory sign with her first two fingers.’
    • ‘Everyone we passed was flashing us the victory sign, waving, and giving the thumbs-up.’