Definition of victory garden in US English:

victory garden


  • A vegetable garden, especially a home garden, planted to increase food production during a war.

    • ‘There has been no call for rationing, victory gardens, or buying war bonds.’
    • ‘Is World War III worth it if it gets people planting victory gardens and giving blood?’
    • ‘Maybe I'll plant a victory garden in the backseat.’
    • ‘During World War II, Porky Pig sold war bonds and Popeye planted a victory garden (spinach, naturally).’
    • ‘We are in a time of crisis, and our government is not telling us to tighten our belts and grow a victory garden.’
    • ‘We collected cans for the war effort, bought bonds and planted victory gardens.’
    • ‘Across the country, families planted victory gardens - 20 million of them, producing 40 percent of the nation's vegetables in backyards and on rooftops.’
    • ‘During the years of World War II he had cultivated a victory garden in a vacant lot, in addition to his own backyard garden.’
    • ‘‘The Greatest generation got to save old tires, dig a victory garden, forego sugar,’ wrote Margaret Carlson of Time magazine.’
    • ‘I don't own a munitions factory, nor do I have any interest in running for office. Uncle Sam has yet to ask me to plant a victory garden or sew blankets.’