Definition of Victorianism in US English:



  • See Victorian

    • ‘Forster's early works reflect the trend of turn-of-the-century British writers to diverge from Victorianism.’
    • ‘The reason is only marginally related to the general pejorative connotation that Victorianism carries.’
    • ‘It is robotic Victorianism, a Victorianism shorn of its human dimension.’
    • ‘Both found a spiritual home in the stuffy, provincial atmosphere of colonial Victorianism.’
    • ‘This is seeping into our fiction and poetry in the form of a new Victorianism, wherein a mawkish sincerity is the highest value.’
    • ‘For Zion this transatlantic language of bourgeoisie Victorianism was a remarkably novel way of making sense of commodities.’
    • ‘Thus males, as well as females, were involved in what we have popularly regarded as Victorianism.’