Definition of victimless crime in US English:

victimless crime


  • A legal offense to which all parties consent and no party is injured.

    ‘software piracy is far from a victimless crime’
    • ‘Cameras make it easier to discover these victimless crimes.’
    • ‘They think it's a victimless crime or a trivial crime or a ‘technicality’ crime. Let's start with the immediate victims.’
    • ‘The bitter truth is that, unlike the majority of nonviolent drug cases, corporate malfeasance is not a victimless crime.’
    • ‘What I would say, though, is that marijuana smoking is a victimless crime and the drug war has proven to be a very biased war.’
    • ‘Prostitution has been called a victimless crime, because women are assumed to consent and that therefore no harm is done.’
    • ‘And there are something like a million Americans in jail for victimless crimes.’
    • ‘Senator, are you even dimly aware that terrorism is NOT a victimless crime?’
    • ‘Leonard suggests that this spending could drop to as little as $10 / month if we stop prosecuting drug offenses and other victimless crimes.’
    • ‘Well, illegal immigration's not a victimless crime in many ways.’
    • ‘It's time we got the government out of the business of regulating consensual and victimless crimes.’