Definition of vice-ridden in English:



  • 1(of a place) having a high incidence of activity involving prostitution, pornography, or drugs.

    ‘a vice-ridden hub for violent suburban youths’
    • ‘A thinly disguised autobiography, it tears into British society, examining class, religion, loveless families, and vice-ridden public schools.’
    • ‘Thousands of young people from some of the Mexican capital's toughest vice-ridden neighborhoods have recently begun making monthly pilgrimages to San Hipólito Church.’
    • ‘This new movie lifts the lid on the murky, back-stabbing, vice-ridden world of the movie agent.’
    • ‘The need to escape the overcrowded and vice-ridden "Tenderloin" district prompted many ambitious black families to seek accommodations in Harlem.’
    • ‘During her time in the vice-ridden West End and Soho of the 1950s, she weathered her fair share of violent confrontations.’
    • ‘Their open soliciting had earned London the reputation, admitted even by the government, of being one of the most viceridden cities in the world.’
    sinful, ungodly, unholy, irreligious, unrighteous, profane, blasphemous, impious, impure
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    1. 1.1 (of a person) engaging in immoral or dissolute behavior.
      ‘the present generation of college students is more studious and less vice-ridden’
      • ‘The Catholics who settled later were held to be poor, illiterate, vice-ridden, and in thrall to their priests.’
      • ‘Late-night casinos are still considered by many as a hang-out for vice-ridden ne'er-do-wells.’
      • ‘The film had a good-and-evil battle of biblical proportions raging inside one desperate man, a vice-ridden, junkie cop.’
      • ‘In her opinion the young people he would come in contact with were vice-ridden and ill-educated.’
      • ‘Like other vice-ridden players of his time, he was also very good at snooker.’
      corrupt, decadent, dissolute, dissipated, debauched, rakish, reprobate, profligate, depraved, perverted, despicable, base, vice-ridden, wicked, sinful, ungodly
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