Definition of via media in US English:

via media


  • A middle way or compromise between extremes.

    ‘the settlement is a via media between Catholicism and Protestantism’
    • ‘Hooker, who formulated the classic sixteenth - century theological rendition of the via media position represented by the Elizabethan Settlement, must still be set in his historical and social context.’
    • ‘He defined the via media from the starting point of a common identity with Roman Catholicism, seeing Protestantism as a more fundamental aberration than Romanism.’
    • ‘This also serves to promote the via media concept, for it is well known that Erasmus rejected the key Reformed doctrinal planks of sola gratia and sola fide (grace alone and faith alone).’
    • ‘I submit, therefore, that a great deal of thought and probably some experimentation are needed to arrive at the correct via media between clericalism and laicism.’
    • ‘I cannot help noting in closing that even Kirby and Atkinson have had difficulty in escaping the attraction of such a via media interpretation of Hooker and his work.’
    • ‘Second, it emphasizes the nature of Buddhist practice as a via media, that is to say, a spiritual path that lays emphasis on moderation, and endeavours always to steer a middle course in the face of conflicting extremes.’
    • ‘If theology is indeed faith seeking understanding, then Eberhard's thesis charts the way forward toward a new kind of via media.’
    • ‘‘It is a deeply religious play and shows that to reach God you do not need a via media,’ argues the Padma Shree dramatist.’
    • ‘This is especially so, I want to suggest, when their ecclesiological theories are examined and compared in the light of the idea of Anglicanism as a via media, or middle way between two extremes.’
    • ‘Pivotal here is the founding of the National Association of Evangelicals in 1942 which aspired to provide a centrist or via media platform between fundamentalism on the one side and liberalism on the other.’
    • ‘All of this makes social constructivism particularly attractive since it offers the prospect of a via media, a third way that represents a synthesis between rationalism and reflectivism.’
    • ‘Both Kirby and Atkinson hold that, once the idea of a via media way of doing theology had been introduced, Hooker scholars fell all over themselves to perpetrate ‘the myth.’’
    • ‘Religious poetry can respond to, debate, and accommodate theology to articulate positionalities more complicated and more precise than represented by even the theologically specific descriptor via media Anglican.’
    • ‘He steers the via media which locates the middle path between the decentralized power of Israelites vested in kinship relations and the centralized and hierarchical authority represented by the king's office.’
    • ‘In formulating an ecclesiological theory for Anglicanism which ultimately took on the appearance of a notion of via media, Maurice deployed a dialectical method of reading church history.’
    • ‘However, lacking the norming effect of the magesterium, Holmgren relies on the via media of the Anglican Church in order to enunciate a distinctively Anglican approach to ethics.’
    • ‘Atkinson elaborates upon Kirby's thesis by making all of these post-nineteenth-century interpretations into extensions of the via media way of understanding Hooker.’
    • ‘Within Anglicanism, then, different conceptions of the via media may be present at once, drawing on different theological methods and implying different evaluations of the history of the Christian church.’
    • ‘It is the path of the so-called via media, catholic in its grounding in the traditional creeds, the office, and the sacraments, evangelical in its emphasis on Scripture, grace, and personal faith.’
    • ‘It would be easy to extend this comparative discussion into specific conclusions for the formulation of the via media today by endorsing Maurice or Newman.’




via media

/ˈvēə ˈmādēə/