Definition of via in US English:



  • 1Traveling through (a place) en route to a destination.

    ‘they came to Europe via Turkey’
    • ‘The road was closed for five hours and traffic diverted via Longborough.’
    • ‘She was quite the pro without knowing it, and when she travelled to London she would come back via Paris.’
    • ‘Entry to the field is via a forestry road and will be sign-posted from the A170.’
    • ‘Travellers must still come home via Malaysia's capital, but the connections are easy.’
    • ‘Reid appears to have travelled to Belgium via the Netherlands with the same aim in mind.’
    • ‘The yacht will be taken to her destination via the Kiel Canal and a number of Baltic ports.’
    • ‘Any Haxby-based fans can be dropped off after that, as the coaches return to their depots via the village.’
    • ‘If the Congress is to rule on its own strength in times to come it must travel via Uttar Pradesh.’
    • ‘A mile or so later we emerged at the golden sands and slipped onto the Island of Llanddwyn via a sand cause-way.’
    • ‘They've ended up travelling twelve hours later, and going via the Channel Tunnel instead.’
    • ‘Tomorrow we are travelling home via Harrogate where we will call to see Daisy's other sister Janet.’
    • ‘Previously, passengers were forced to travel via Heathrow or other hub airports.’
    • ‘After another night halt there, the Minister will fly to Nagpur via Naded and Akola.’
    • ‘Motorists can travel in and out of Bolton town centre via Blackburn Road as an alternative.’
    • ‘Exit from the showground will be via Ribchester Bridge and up Barker Brow to the A59.’
    • ‘He lived in Borisy and worked in Brest, travelling to and fro by train via the station at Domachevo.’
    • ‘The 1,300 million litres of water will be moved to Haweswater reservoir via a temporary weir.’
    • ‘The huge flat and hard sands at low tide could have persuaded the Germans to mount attacks via Southern Ireland.’
    • ‘She was then trying to leave via the George section of the supermarket.’
    • ‘By then it is believed the pair had already flown to Paris, via Heathrow.’
    1. 1.1 By way of; through.
      ‘they can see the artists' works via a camera hookup’
      • ‘It is only the very young or the very sheltered who don't realise that evil is repaid even if it is via the loss of peace within our own minds.’
      • ‘Getting studious and getting ahead via training is a simultaneous theme.’
      • ‘He donated it straight back to the community via a nearby sports club.’
      • ‘It is very galling that, after staff raised the cash via a tombola and a raffle, someone should just come and take them.’
      • ‘Acting on his own initiative, he offered to settle any differences between the Diary and his union via a square go.’
      • ‘Most of the policies were sold via mortgage brokers who recommended the firm to house purchasers.’
      • ‘If you're travelling via coach, then a refreshment hamper is packed into the hold.’
      • ‘The promoter indicated via the media that ticket holders would be refunded their money.’
      • ‘Around three out of every five mortgages are arranged via mortgage brokers.’
      • ‘And you have condemned countless numbers of your own citizens to death via the death penalty.’
      • ‘Daily now, postwoman Julie Harris is delivering a handful of cards for him, via his minders on the ground.’
      • ‘Sure Byron has the sea, and draws major domestic and international tourism via it.’
      • ‘Doctors have finally reached the medical conclusion that the easiest way to cure baldness is via hair donors.’
      • ‘Brown judges success by statistics showing how much cash has been taken from high earners to the poor via tax credits.’
      • ‘Challenging books, continues Fraser, become more accessible via the parental voice.’
      • ‘Anti-racism announcements were also made via the club's public address system on match days.’
      • ‘This means people who access benefits via a card account cannot do so.’
      • ‘Another popular means of making regular donations is via payroll giving.’
      • ‘I give her medications via this tube as well, so you've got to crush it up and dissolve with this.’
      • ‘However, Dobie's effort was cleared off the line via the underside of the crossbar by Chris Powell.’
      into and out of, to the far side of, to the other side of, from one side of … to the other, from end to end of, between, past, by, down, along, across, by way of, via
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    2. 1.2 By means of.
      ‘a file sent via electronic mail’
      • ‘If the addressee is on another PC then the text is sent via the resident network.’
      • ‘According to recent estimates, spam accounts for more than seven in ten of all emails sent via the net.’
      • ‘If the file is to large to send via email, you're left trying to find other ways to send it.’
      • ‘A number of surgeries now send out reminders via text messages of upcoming appointments.’
      • ‘Messages can also be sent via email by completing an online form here.’
      • ‘I have very little face-to-face contact with the team at the office as I send my articles in via email.’
      • ‘Before I go I just want to say thank you for all the birthday wishes you sent either via comments or email.’
      • ‘If anyone has any further information on this incident send it via email as comments are closed on this post.’
      • ‘The idea is simply to send someone ten questions via email which they are asked to respond to at a length of their choice.’
      • ‘They were then sent out via private courier or by the normal postal service.’
      • ‘It can also be used to insert adverts in emails sent via Internet-based accounts.’
      • ‘In the manner of proper celebrities, he couldn't be at the event in person, so sent a message via the web instead.’
      • ‘The files are automatically compressed so they're small enough to send via email.’
      • ‘Last night Robertson was still filing stories via videophone from Kandahar in the north of the country.’
      • ‘Said missive was sent not via e-mail, but left in Lyle's comments box for all the world to see.’
      • ‘These should be no more than 850 words and should be sent electronically via our website.’
      • ‘I'm not usually the kind of person who publicises the private contents of emails sent to me via this site.’
      • ‘The flaws could be used to create a virus that spreads through a Web link sent via e-mail messages.’
      • ‘I will then finish editing it overnight, ready to send it off via express post on Friday.’
      • ‘If you follow the scheme above, you can send a message anonymously via a Web-based account.’
      by means of, by use of, by virtue of, on account of, as a result of, as a consequence of, owing to, by reason of, on grounds of, on the strength of, due to, thanks to, by, via
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Late 18th century: from Latin, ablative of via ‘way, road’.