Definition of vexingly in US English:



  • See vex

    • ‘They are harder now for three reasons - reasons which, vexingly enough, move in different, conflicting directions.’
    • ‘The problem seems to be that she sets her pieces in not-quite-exotic-enough elsewheres, and often, vexingly, in the distant and only infrequently heroic past.’
    • ‘However, from my perspective, it seems that the vast majority of issues distinguishing the main parties are purely cosmetic in nature and vexingly it seems that it is on these issues that the parties positions are most clear.’
    • ‘The tortured syntax so often evident in his prose seemed to be matched only by the profundity of insight which that very syntax seemed at once to promise and vet also so vexingly.’
    • ‘Time will tell if the success of an otherwise brilliant car has been compromised by a system that is vexingly complicated.’