Definition of vespid in US English:



  • Any wasp of the family Vespidae, including yellow jackets and hornets.

    • ‘The study comprised 28 patients from the centre of Spain (Madrid and surroundings) who had suffered systemic reactions when stung by vespids.’
    • ‘The most commonly known varieties of vespids are the social wasps, with their conspicuous paper-like nests and sometimes aggressive behavior.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the inclusion of only two independent origins of sociality (in honeybees and vespid wasps) limited the conclusions that could be drawn concerning the effect of sociality on molecular evolution.’
    • ‘The two types of stinging insects are vespids (wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, and fire ants) and aphids (honeybees and bumblebees).’
    • ‘Although vespids are beneficial to mother nature by controlling the population of other bugs -- and by being food to other animals -- they can be a real nuisance.’