Definition of vespertilionid in US English:



  • A bat of a large family (Vespertilionidae) that includes most of the typical insectivorous bats of north temperate regions.

    • ‘Many vespertilionids live in caves, but these bats can also be found in mine shafts, tunnels, tree roosts, rock crevices, buildings, etc.’
    • ‘Vespertilionids have the longest span, largest wing area and lowest wing loading in relation to body mass of the bat groups for which regression lines were calculated.’
    • ‘Like many vespertilionid bats, females of some rhinolophid species mate during the fall and store the sperm over the winter, conceiving and gestating young beginning in the spring.’
    • ‘For comparison, respirometric data were also obtained from Nyctalus noctula, a hibernating vespertilionid bat of similar body size and convergent foraging habits.’
    • ‘The vespertilionid genus Myotis has the widest distribution of all bat genera.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Vespertilionidae (plural), from Latin vespertilio ‘bat’.