Definition of vesiculate in US English:



  • Make or become vesicular.

    • ‘Red blood cells which lack the ability to vesiculate cause a disease with red blood cell destruction.’
    • ‘Once inside the cytoplasm the original envelope of the sperm vesiculates and is gradually dismantled.’
    • ‘The cephalic end of the worm produces an indurated papule that vesiculates and eventually ulcerates.’
    • ‘Second, Dan Johnson is overseeing a microgravity experiment designed to measure minute changes in mass as magma moves and vesiculates.’
    • ‘It occurs when the hot gasses accompanying the ejecta, together with trapped air and gas being released by the ejecta as it vesiculates, forms an air cushion around each particle preventing it from coming into contact with adjacent particles.’


  • Containing or covered with vesicles or small cavities.

    • ‘The only other discrete difference appears to be the vesiculate swellings in the peridium, and the phylogenetic significance (heritability, stability) of this trait is poorly defined.’