Definition of Very Large Array in US English:

Very Large Array

(also VLA)


  • The world's largest radio telescope, consisting of 27 dish antennas near Socorro, New Mexico.

    • ‘The other men are brother figures, such as her assistants at the Very Large Array of radio telescopes in the desert.’
    • ‘Indeed, archived Very Large Array data confirmed the existence of the jet associated with the quasar GB 1508 + 5714.’
    • ‘This prompted the team to propose an ongoing monitoring program using the National Science Foundation's Very Large Array radio telescope in New Mexico.’
    • ‘An observation is scheduled at the Very Large Array, a massive radio observatory on New Mexico's Plains of San Agustin, where the burst was first detected.’
    • ‘That baseline length may be some miles, as in the case of the Very Large Array near Socorro, New Mexico.’