Definition of vervet in US English:


(also vervet monkey)


  • A common African guenon with greenish-brown upper parts and a black face.

    Cercopithecus aethiops, family Cercopithecidae, in particular the race C. a. pygerythrus of southern and eastern Africa

    Compare with green monkey, grivet
    • ‘One can observe these reactions in vervet monkeys, which give a different alarm call for each class.’
    • ‘Among baby vervet monkeys, the males even prefer to play with trucks and the females with other kinds of toys!’
    • ‘Humans, apparently just like vervets, can't resist observing, memorizing, and uttering distinctions.’
    • ‘What is true of vervets is almost certainly true of us.’
    • ‘Look out, too, for vervet monkeys, baboons - and giant tortoises.’
    • ‘Among the monkeys species found in East Africa are the blue or syke monkey, the vervet monkey and the colobus monkey.’
    • ‘Tsavo West is filled with crocodiles, vervet monkeys, antelope, baboons, giraffes and hippos.’
    • ‘This Forrest is home to baboons and vervet monkeys.’
    • ‘That research, involving vervet monkeys, linked abnormal serotonin activity to poor impulse control and aggression in the monkeys.’
    • ‘They were studying vervet monkeys living freely in their natural state in Amboseli National Park in Kenya.’
    • ‘Fairbanks has found similar results in a study of impulsivity in female vervets, not yet published.’
    • ‘A great many of us are familiar with the baboon and vervet monkey.’
    • ‘A free-ranging vervet monkey, baboon, or macaque recognizes other members of his group as individuals.’
    • ‘Florida teems with other non-native species - from African monitor lizards to vervet monkeys.’
    • ‘And the vervet monkey, Larry, they're in troops of 50 to 100 to 200.’
    • ‘What motives drive the leader of a group of vervet monkeys to take risks on behalf of all, especially since he joined them from another tribe?’


Late 19th century: from French, of unknown origin.