Definition of verticillium in English:



  • 1A fungus of a genus that includes a number of species that cause wilt in plants.

    • ‘Occasionally it can be attacked by leafy mistletoe, verticillium wilt, fungal diseases, stem borers, scale, and some rodents.’
    • ‘‘The Dutch have problems right now with a fungus called verticillium wilt,’ he reveals, ‘which is why I'm testing for it.’’
    • ‘Samples from areas B and C revealed no P. fragariae, no P. cactorum and no verticillium wilt.’
    • ‘Plants infected with verticillium wilt should be destroyed promptly because there is no chemical control.’
    1. 1.1 Wilt caused by verticillium.
      • ‘The most common diseases are verticillium wilt and phomopsis blight.’
      • ‘One major advantage of growing in containers is that you can keep plants free of common soilborne fungal diseases: verticillium and fusarium wilt.’
      • ‘She has never seen a tomatillo plant suffer from fusarium or verticillium wilt.’
      • ‘The four most common tomato diseases are verticillium wilt, fusarium wilt, nematode infestation and tobacco mosaic virus.’


Modern Latin, from Latin verticillus ‘whorl of a spindle’.