Definition of vertically in US English:



  • 1At right angles to a horizontal plane; aligned in such a way that the top is directly above the bottom.

    ‘the wheel hangs vertically from a wire’
    ‘vertically stacked books’
    • ‘Despite the minimized acceleration, this still isn't tolerable to humans sitting vertically.’
    • ‘The rods are supported in stainless-steel tubes set vertically in reinforced concrete bases.’
    • ‘The insulation can be placed vertically along the foundation wall or horizontally under the slab.’
    • ‘When you are holding the device vertically, the virtual keyboard is just a little too big to easily thumb-type on and a little too cramped for two-hand typing.’
    • ‘Not only do windows open, there are also vertically sliding panels of grey translucent glass to cut down light.’
  • 2In a way that involves different levels or stages of a hierarchy or process.

    ‘vertically integrated companies’
    • ‘I prefer the benefits that accrue from having a controlled and vertically integrated ecosystem.’
    • ‘Its vertically integrated system provides custom process optimization solutions.’
    • ‘The company now operates a vertically integrated dairy where 150 employees work.’
    • ‘These retailers are becoming more involved in vertically integrated supply chains, and further initiatives of this type from other major retailers are forecast.’
    • ‘They observed that extensive buyer concentration is an inducement for sellers to integrate vertically.’
    1. 2.1 (with reference to passage of diseases) from one generation to the next.
      ‘the bacteria are vertically transmitted from mother to offspring’
      • ‘Previous analyses have demonstrated that these elements are passed vertically within species and evolve at rates similar to those of nuclear genes.’
      • ‘The virus in pregnant women can be transmitted vertically to the infant, primarily at the time of delivery.’
      • ‘If these viruses were strictly vertically transferred in the plant kingdom, we would expect to find them in all major plant lineages.’
      • ‘Vertically infected children with in utero transmission display more severe viral disease.’
      • ‘In 2002, more than 800,000 children were newly infected with HIV, and more than 90 per cent of these infections were vertically acquired.’