Definition of vertical stabilizer in US English:

vertical stabilizer


  • A small, flattened projecting surface or attachment on an aircraft or rocket for providing aerodynamic stability.

    • ‘Grab the top of the vertical stabilizer and rock the airplane back and forth while you watch the tailwheel.’
    • ‘The failed patch had caused the rudder to bind against the trailing edge of the vertical stabilizer - a great catch by the FEs.’
    • ‘The rudder, connected to the vertical stabilizer, then starts to deflect air much like a wing, only the resulting force is to the side.’
    • ‘This could be done only after the vertical stabilizer and the upper portion of the rudder had been located onto the aft fuselage.’
    • ‘As he investigated the ships, he was approached by a ‘silver twin-engine monoplane carrying two vertical stabilizers.’’