Definition of vernier caliper in US English:

vernier caliper


  • A linear measuring instrument consisting of a scaled rule with a projecting arm at one end, to which is attached a sliding vernier with a projecting arm that forms a jaw with the other projecting arm.

    • ‘We measured length and maximum breadth of eggs laid by all study pairs using vernier calipers.’
    • ‘Carapace width of each crab was measured with vernier calipers.’
    • ‘Shell lengths of clams were measured to the nearest 0.1 mm using vernier calipers before the start of each trial.’
    • ‘Fascicle length was measured to the nearest 0.1 mm using vernier calipers.’
    • ‘All grasshoppers were measured at the beginning of the experiment to the nearest 0.5 mm using vernier calipers.’
    • ‘He also describes his most famous invention, that of the vernier caliper, an instrument for accurately measuring length.’
    • ‘Thickness of shells, excluding membranes, was measured with vernier calipers to the nearest 0.05 mm.’