Definition of vernalization in US English:


(British vernalisation)


  • The cooling of seed during germination in order to accelerate flowering when it is planted.

    • ‘Chilling prevents flower initiation in Fragaria, rather than accelerating it as vernalization does in winter annuals.’
    • ‘Floral commitment may therefore be different in character from stable epigenetic changes that occur in plant development, such as vernalization.’
    • ‘Likewise, vernalization can confer a degree of salinity tolerance, as can earlier development.’
    • ‘A period of vernalization was required for initiation of synflorescence production.’
    • ‘In addition to photoperiod and vernalization, ambient growth temperature can have profound effects on flowering.’
    • ‘Late flowering in the absence of vernalization also allows the seedlings that emerge in autumn to overwinter as rosette plants.’
    • ‘Growth conditions of the spring genotypes Lina and Manley were similar to those for winter genotypes except that no vernalization was required.’
    • ‘After vernalization at 4°C for 72 h, the seeds were germinated at 23°C under continuous illumination.’
    • ‘This experiment was repeated in part during 2000-2001: 15 plants received zero hours of vernalization and 15 full vernalization.’
    • ‘Plants of T. aethusae do not require vernalization for flowering, thus the low temperatures during winter in Kentucky merely delay flowering.’
    • ‘The plants grown at 16-18°C did not form inflorescences, although they were stimulated by vernalization.’
    • ‘Thus, the inputs from the autonomous, vernalization, and FRI pathways integrate to determine the level of FLC floral repressor.’
    • ‘Therefore, recently emerged wheat has probably experienced sufficient cold to permit vernalization and subsequent head formation.’
    • ‘Indeed, with the montane population, even 10 weeks vernalization of seeds did not result in 100% flowering.’
    • ‘In the second year flower initiation is induced after vernalization in the preceding winter.’
    • ‘Time of flowering is affected by genes controlling the response to vernalization, to differences in day length and earliness per se.’


1930s: translation of Russian yarovizatsiya.