Definition of vernal grass in US English:

vernal grass

(also sweet vernal grass)


  • A sweet-scented Eurasian grass that is sometimes grown as a meadow or hay grass.

    Anthoxanthum odoratum, family Gramineae

    • ‘Recently, several samples of sweet vernal grass have been sent in for identification.’
    • ‘Kentucky bluegrass, hairy goldenrod, and sweet vernal grass, accounted for 57% of herb importance.’
    • ‘The photo shows the seed heads of both species, with those of sweet vernal grass being greener and narrower.’
    • ‘In many places it is found growing with Danthonia semi-annularis, and the introduced sweet vernal grass and yellow suckling.’
    • ‘Especially when cultivated in lowlands or in humid weather, sweet vernal grass is very sensitive to rust and leaf diseases.’