Definition of verdant in US English:



  • 1(of countryside) green with grass or other rich vegetation.

    • ‘For an especially breathtaking adventure, hike into Hanakapiai, one of the valleys past verdant, sleepy Hanalei.’
    • ‘The couple's Holy Grail was a huge mansion in the verdant English countryside.’
    • ‘It's the 1880s, and the West is still a tabula rasa, a never-ending sea of verdant prairies, rolling valleys and panoramic skies.’
    • ‘Having reached the peak, we got a stunningly beautiful view of the verdant valley below encircled by green hills.’
    • ‘St. Mary's is not clustered in a village as churches often are but stands alone in the verdant countryside.’
    • ‘Glorious shots of the verdant Cuban countryside alternate with graceful, old Spanish cityscapes from Havana.’
    • ‘Behind, where the verdant valley dropped away, is a market square, and behind that, a verdant valley.’
    • ‘It is produced in verdant countryside inland from the coast north of the city of Oporto which is known as the Costa Verde or Green Coast.’
    • ‘North of Wellington, lushly tucked into the verdant Hutt River valley, lies Upper Hutt, population 36, 660, town of my youth.’
    • ‘But don't forget the Northern forests, lakes, beautiful hills and verdant valleys.’
    • ‘She picks that not for it's literary history, as I was expecting, but rather for verdant countryside dotted with sheep.’
    • ‘From where we stand, we see the vast, verdant Kumaon valley.’
    • ‘This verdant valley at the meeting point of the Eastern and Western Ghats is bereft of any civic or infrastructure development.’
    • ‘It is not just youngsters who are flocking to this charming, antique building in a verdant setting.’
    • ‘The verdant hills and raised valleys are ideal for its commodes with ample erect telegraph poles to mark its new territorial space.’
    • ‘Tiny houses were strung out along our route, framed in their verdant patch of coffee, banana and vegetables.’
    • ‘Rising from the verdant splendour of the Ukrainian countryside, Zaporozhye looks like a diabolical inferno; a city on fire.’
    • ‘The whole expedition was memorable, and I made myself a promise, that I would return to these verdant valleys soon again.’
    • ‘Before my gaze was a misty, lush forest, falling away in steep slopes and verdant levels to a hidden valley below.’
    • ‘Both are straight out of the pages of a racy period novel, with stunning views over a verdant valley where thoroughbreds roam free.’
    green, leafy, grassy, grass-covered
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    1. 1.1 Of the bright green color of lush grass.
      ‘a deep, verdant green’
      • ‘Lush colors of dark purple with a mix of verdant green had formed a unique combination of shades on his body.’
      • ‘Instead of verdant green, I'm a glow-in-the-dark sickly pale, bearing only the beginnings of undeveloped fruit and struggling to survive.’
      • ‘Pines and cypresses of verdant green, cliffside waterfalls and springs are all clearly seen.’
      • ‘His bright verdant eyes widened in fear and panic as our hands suddenly lost contact.’
      • ‘I watched them waft in the breeze before settling gracefully into the verdant green grass between my boots.’
      • ‘Then Las Alpujarras - the name is thought to derive from the Arabic for ‘high green place’ - are lush and verdant.’
      • ‘Whatever happened to the colourful and verdant front gardens of old?’
      • ‘The day I saw it, at close quarters, it was perfect - dense, even, verdant grass, not a mark on it apart from the statutory white ones.’
      • ‘Did I realise that the little valleys of that region are so verdant because it rains every day?’
      • ‘The deciduous forest patch was at its best after the monsoon showers, the grass a verdant green.’
      • ‘I was shown some pretty wild examples of barreled actions in canary yellow, light burgundy, and verdant green!’
      • ‘Looking into the mirror, he could hardly see the bright verdant eyes underneath his maze of zigzagging blonde hair.’
      • ‘Greens are verdant and jade, while blues blend in various cobalt combinations.’
      • ‘Visitors today see a green and verdant forest on the slopes of Mount Tom and assume it has always been that way.’
      • ‘The material is coarse and rough, the fabric verdant and winter green.’


Late 16th century: perhaps from Old French verdeant, present participle of verdoier ‘be green’, based on Latin viridis ‘green’.