Definition of ventral fin in US English:

ventral fin


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    another term for pelvic fin
    1. 1.1 An unpaired fin on the underside of certain fishes.
      • ‘Haddock are typically cod-like with three dorsal fins and two ventral fins.’
      • ‘In green swordtails, the sword consists of a set of ventral fin rays that extend posteriorly beyond the caudal fin margin.’
      • ‘They have no pectoral or ventral fins and their dorsal, tail and anal fins are merged into one long fin down the back.’
      • ‘The Feather Fin with its curtain-like ventral fin and carbon black body swirls its ventral fin even while remaining stable in the water.’
      • ‘Cod have three dorsal fins and two ventral fins for increased manoeuvrability.’
    2. 1.2 A single vertical fin under the fuselage or tail of an aircraft.
      • ‘A ventral fin was also installed but by the time testing was completed, the Navy had lost interest in the program.’
      • ‘The Star also sported a forward-opening canopy, ventral fin and composite MT prop.’
      • ‘IAI and Cyclone Aviation Products Ltd in Carmiel manufacture the ventral fins, rudders, horizontal stabilisers and engine access doors.’
      • ‘The Impala has a small lipstick camera mounted on the ventral fin to record the visual and audio aspects of your flight.’